Stop Taking Blurry Pictures

Stop Taking Blurry Pictures

Stop Taking Blurry Pictures


If you are a NYIP student, go back to your unit in a photography course for a full recovery in your computer’s domain. Otherwise, here are 5 simple adjustments you could try to get started:

Shutter speed:
If the shutter speed is too slow, this could easily be the problem. In general, you should make sure that your shutter speed is the focal length of the lens. Therefore, if you use a 60mm lens for the day, you need a shutter speed setting of 1 / 60ยบ (or maybe even faster). This is probably the most common problem and easy to repair.

Choice of lens:
The purpose with which you have chosen to work can affect the likelihood that your images are blurry. If your hand is a little unstable, it will be much larger if you use a super long telephoto lens, for example, along a wide angle.

Choice of gears:
Do you need a tripod? If blurring is a constant problem for you, more likely it is. If you tried to increase your shutter speed and pay attention to your choice of lenses, but still have problems with the blur, you work with a tripod when you can.

Manual technique:
If your camera is not properly maintained, you are much more likely to accidentally shake the device when you press the shutter. For a tutorial on how to hold a camera correctly, follow the link.

Development issues:
Are you using the autofocus function on the device? If the blur is a repeated problem to you and the answer is no, you should probably start. If the camera does not only focus on the right place in an image when you try to do it manually, the resulting image will simply be blurry, while the problem is simply out of reach.

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