Proper Cleaning and Storage of Throwing Implements

Proper Cleaning and Storage of Throwing Implements

Proper Cleaning and Storage of Throwing Implements



1) Completely clean each tool. Probably the best product to use is the CLR, especially if it has rust stains. WD-40 is also a very good cleaner, especially on disc plates.

2) After the tools were completely dried, they were lightly sprayed with WD-40. If you have hammers, stand on the turning areas and do not forget the child and handles.

3) Then apply a layer of olive oil – yes olive oil (not a joke) around all the tool surfaces. At one point, very light motor oil was used, but it becomes too complicated, and even the lighter engine oil is too heavy for these purposes. Believe it or not, through all our years of experimenting with it, we actually find that extra virgin olive oil Colavita works best.

4) Implants should always be stored in a dry place (not out of which sunlight from constant sunlight can have an effect). If you use an outside shed, it would be wise to add another layer of virgin and virgin olive oil WD-40 and Colavita a few months.

5) Under no circumstances, the inner stores bridges and weight pull inside in a cold area. Exposure of instruments inside the cold, even for a short period of time, completely ruin.

6) As for lances, they use the same cleaning process, but do not receive agents or cleaning oil on the ropes. Once clean and ready to be stored, protect the cords by wrapping a heavy plastic bag around each heel and sealing with rubber bands or tape. Ideally, darts are stored horizontally and from the ground. For example, a certain type of shelving or bracket system works well, but no “javelin” javelin in the other. So absolutely important store the spears is pressed vertically against a wall, with the point (or tail) to the ground.

7) Ideally, the hammers should be hung against a wall without letting the ball hit the ground.

8) Do not place the shooting, disc and hammer in a storage container. Try to treat each application as a separate entity and store them individually without making contact.

9) Place a large bucket of water at the shed or storage point. This will allow an adequate level of humidity in the immediate area. Change the water at least once a week.

10) The best way to deal with tools is not to store all of them – KEEP CONTACT!

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