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3D Abstract full hd wallpapers Wallpapers

3D Abstract full hd wallpapers Wallpapers

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For many, the concept of abstract art produces images of what appears to the uneducated eye as random strokes of colour and form thrown into a scene to create something that artists see as a representation of an entity.

With regard to photography, similar notions may appear when confronted with confusing images containing non-specific subjects. But do not be afraid, there is much to learn from abstract photography.

Practical advice

Abstract photography is based on the eye of the photographers. We are trying to capture something in a way we normally would not see. Looking for details, patterns, lines, shapes, shapes and colours that complement a theme and use these key features to create an attractive image. These are the key elements that will help you create an image that has a visual appeal.


Abstract photography is not about respecting the rules. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to break the rules. When discussing a topic, be sure to spend time with it and evaluate how you want to represent it and its environment within your image.

Zoom in at angles, move your feet, bend your knees, look up, look down, look for patterns, and correlate colours. It all depends on how you, as a photographer, perceive what you have in front of you and then try to represent it as you see it.

My favourite aspect of abstract shots is when someone looks at an image and says, “I really like it, but what is it?” This means that I involved the viewer visually and the image caught their attention and made them think and question their perceptions of what a photo might represent. But it also shows me that there is a difference between the way I saw the subject at that time and the way they viewed the subject, which is an intriguing personal description.

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