Five Fun Puzzle Apps to Stretch Your Brain

Five Fun Puzzle Apps to Stretch Your Brain

Five Fun Puzzle Apps to Stretch Your Brain



Fun puzzle applications are useful for your phone. Keep them ready when you need to clear your mind. Maybe you’re stuck in the office on Friday afternoon, or trapped in a car on a long drive or wait for a delayed flight. Puzzle Applications can help make this time more enjoyable.

Applications can also help avoid the oft-repeated question: “Are we still here” Your young travelers.

But puzzle applications can do more than entertain. They can also improve your mental skills to keep you informed. While you’re having fun, the brain can solve problems, learn new words in English and more.

Disclaimer: These games can be addictive! Start playing if you have time for fun.

If you’re a fan of the classic Tetris video game, you’ll enjoy 1010! This puzzle game very similar to Tetris but without the pressure of time.

1010! See a table game of 10 seats and 10 seats below.

In all parts of the game you get three ways to place on the table. The shapes are similar to Tetris shapes and are made of squares. You must place the plates in open spaces.

Like the Tetris, in the year 1010! A row or column is deleted if squares are filled.

Players earn points when erasing lines and columns. The cleaning card is also important to have enough open spaces to place the shapes.

As with Tetris, you can not really “win” 1010! The game ends once your plate is too full to fit into another shape. But more score, the better. And you can always try to beat your best score.

You can find tips and tricks to master in the year 1010! On the website of the application in “Tips, tricks and others.”

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